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  1. Applicant should read and understand the terms and conditions given below. This application form is considered as an authentic and legally binding document. This contract is between the applicants (hereafter called as a Direct Seller-DS).
  2. In this agreement the “company “ means Next Generation Deals India Pvt. Ltd. and NXG INDIA is the brand name or trade-mark of the company.

  3. A Direct Seller can own and operate one Association ship only.

  4. The Company will not be answerable for any promise, assurance given by DS to any Person, unless it is in accordance with the approved Sales & Marketing plans and terms of the company Hence the applicant shall go through the website

  5. Direct Seller means the applicant applying as a representative of product.

  6. The relationship between the company and the applicant is of Direct Seller not of an employee. The applicant will not be entitled for salary, ESI, PF, Gratuity or any other benefits enjoyed by the employee of the company.

  7. The company will approve the Associate ship by issuing an official receipt and an online registration, which will carry the password and an identification number know as “DS ID” number as given by the company. This password and “DS ID” have to be quoted by the distributor in all his/her transactions and correspondence with the company. The “DS ID” once chosen cannot be altered at any later point of time, any kind of loss in that case.

  8. The applicant must be minimum 18 years of age on the date of application and must be the citizen of India.

  9. The company reserves the right to reject any application for any reason, at its discretion, including if the application is found with incomplete, inaccurate, false or misleading information. Any alteration or modification will be subjected to verification.

  10. Direct Seller cannot use trade name, trade-mark or logo of the company for any purpose without the written permission of the company.

  11. Sale of right of Direct Seller is not allowed. No Direct Seller can offer its business to anybody for sale.

  12. The Company will, in no case, entertain any communication without “DS ID” and password.

  13. There are not exclusive territories or franchises granted by the company. Every “DS ID” is free to do business in any part of the country.

  14. “DS ID” shall not sell any products for a price exceeding the maximum retail price. “DS ID” may charge. at its discretion, any price that is lower than the maximum retail price as indicated in the form of label on the product(s) or in price list issued by the company.

  15. Product delivery through Courier service or ex-branch & stores. After applicable of necessary taxes.

  16. The Company has not authorized any Direct Seller of the company to receive any amount in cash on behalf of the company towards the Associates ship fee. Because free registration in company.

  17. To receive income from her/his business, the Associate will have to activate her/his Association ship (ID). An Associate will have to submit KYC Documents (duly filled Joining Form, Passport Size Photo, ID Card and Residence Proof such as self-attested Copy of Driving License, Passport, Adhar Card, Voter Card, Pan Card, and Copy of bank Pass Book or a cancelled cheque) at company's Head Office or will have to upload the soft copy of required documents in her/his profile on company's website.

  18. To keep the ID active, every Associate has to makes some sales volume time to time. If any Associate does not make any sales volume for Three months (closing date of Third month) since her/his last sales, her/his Association ship will be deleted and her/his team will be rolled up to her/his upline and she/he will get no income further.

  19. The Right of nominee-Incase of death, of the Business Associate, the nominee will be entitled to receive the incentive cheque.

  20. If anybody makes any payment in cash, to any Direct Seller it will be at his/her own risk and under no circumstances, will the company be answerable to such unauthorized cash payment.

  21. Direct Seller shall not use company’s network for marketing any product, any methods directly or indirectly which are not carried officially by the company.

  22. In case of termination or resignation of any Business Associate, his/her team will be moved up to the next immediate up line or it will be decided by the company. In case of termination or resignation of any dispute with the network then the company has the right to decide the substitute up line for those down lines.
  23. Company reserves its right to grant permission for transfer of Direct Seller from one sponsor to another.

  24. All the printed material and electronic media is the property and /or protected by copyright (under IPR trademark, copyright design, patent etc.) Hence no Direct Seller shall be permitted to reproduce company’s printed material in whole or in part which may lead to legal proceedings against him.

  25. Any type of Advertisement is not allowed, No media, product(s )or company’s advertising can be used by the Direct Seller except when authorized by the company media advertising includes but not limited to newspapers, magazine, radio, television, Banners, stickers, visiting card etc. All advertising are the property of the company and will provided to you by the company itself for your business promotion.

  26. Any violation of company’s rules and regulation, terms and conditions, code of conduct, policies etc. in any form or misconduct or misinterpretation may lead to the termination of this agreement automatically forfeiting right of being Business Associate.

  27. Company reserves the right to make any changes in the content description, range of products, including changes in the marketing strategy sales and marketing plan, price & policies with prior notice.

  28. An associate must not engage in any deceptive or unlawful trade practice as defined by any Central, State or local law or regulation.

  29. This agreement is entered into on a personal basis and may not be assigned or transferred by the Direct Seller to a third party.

  30. No Direct Seller is permitted to join any other direct selling entity while working with NXG INDIA. If found Involved he/she will be terminated with the immediate effect.

  31. In case of dispute the jurisdiction will be in Greater Noida.

  32. A Scan copy of agreement and/or the agreement signed manually/online by signing / clicking the “I AGREE” button shall be treated as an original in all respect.

The terms and conditions are read over to me in my vernacular language and after understanding the same, I put my signatures/thumb impressions upon the same.